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Our program is one-on-one, with one teacher for each student. This method provides flexibility and enables us to provide you with a customized education. Our successful program style adapts to you, and your specific needs

CSA was originally created with the vision to help missionaries with their specific language needs and skills required to perform their job effectively. Right now, in addition to our Missionary Program and the General program, we have programs to meet many different needs.

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Christian Spanish Academy (CSA) is a professional institution devoted to teaching Spanish as a second language. Our slogan, "The Five Stars Spanish School", defines us very well.

Christian Spanish Academy is accredited
by Instituto Cervantes

    Choosing an accredited school implies choosing a one that offers:
  • A syllabus that guarantees an adequate learning process for students.
  • A team of qualified teachers.
  • A proven methodology adapted to students' needs.
  • Examinations for Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELEs) for our students at CSA and others
  • Complete and detailed information on the courses and services at CSA.

The goal of Instituto Cervantes is to contribute to the advancement of Spanish and Hispanic American cultures throughout non-Spanish speaking countries and to encourage the study of Spanish as a second language

Christian Spanish Academy Study Programs

Missionary Program

Originally, CSA was created to meet the needs of missionaries who come to Guatemala to learn Spanish. For this reason we have developed a program specifically for them. We utilize grammar books from "A" to "G", now in use in the general program.

Each workbook, vocabulary task, reading, assignment and discussions are related to the Bible and in the correct manner in which are preached in Latin America.

Children Program

At CSA, we received children from 5 years old. Teachers are trained to work with them even if they cannot read yet.

They work with different books and a variety of activities for children will develop their skills and abilities in the Spanish language.

Business Program

With the experience we have gained over the years, we have complemented our general program with readings, vocabulary and material that the businessmen, who come to study here, need to learn. We work on the skills they need to develop in the field of business.

If a student brings a special business program that he must complete the teacher adapts to it and work with it.

Medical Program

When we receive students who are doctors, nurses and volunteers who will work in Latin America, we use appropriate materials for them. .

Their learning is within the overall program, but with all the resources they need. They have at their disposal, books, readings, assignments, vocabulary and conversations related to the medical work.

Flight Attendant Program

This program is designed with specific vocabulary, developed for professionals working in the airlines that need to learn Spanish as a second or third language

For example: security measures in airports and airplanes; defense, emergency first aid and recognition of medical problems; procedures for handling passengers during emergencies; emergency exit by land or water, etc.

German Program

Herzlich willkommen auf der deutschen Seite der „Christian Spanish Academy“. Die Schule befindet sich im wunderschönen La Antigua, Guatemala in Mittelamerika. Das Land der Maya gilt zu Recht als das interessanteste Land in ganz Mittelamerika und ist der ideale Ort um Spanisch zu lernen.


Auf den folgenden Seiten erhalten Sie Informationen über einen Sprachurlaub in Guatemala und die derzeit geltenden Preise und Vereinbarungen. Alle Kurse sind von deutschen Ministerien (z.B.: Berlin, Hessen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein) als Bildungsurlaub vollständig anerkannt. Die erforderlichen Bestätigung für den Arbeitgeber bekommen Sie in wenigen Tagen nach Ihrer Anmeldung.


Falls Sie Fragen haben oder mehr über die CSA und Guatemala erfahren möchten, nehmen Sie einfach Kontakt mit uns auf...

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You will notice CSA is different from the very moment you walk in. Nothing in our program is improvised. Even our building was designed to help you study better!