Tours in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua´s cobblestone streets, ruined churches and beautifully restored homes have become an ideal place of vacation. It is centrally located for further travels within Guatemala and offers a number of Spanish schools and rivals most metropolitan areas for restaurants, shops and hotels.

We offer the best of each place we present the most important tourist attractions of ancient Guatemala, our concept is to make a tourist circuit that assures the passenger the most comfortable way to visit La Antigua.
Taking a panoramic tour of 10 points of attraction where the passenger can get off the bus and visit the different points offered by the destination of La Antigua, this allows passengers to know the architectural and historical style of this city.

This new product of tourist transport is something innovative for this destination, is original, is comfortable and allows people who visit Antigua to know and experience architecture, history, gastronomy, coffee farms, living quarters, Museums, parks, churches and people who travel in history, this is one of the best tourist options to know this spectacular destination.