Tours to Atitlán

Located in the Guatemalan highlands, about two hours from Antigua, this unique lake is huddled between three volcanoes.

Atitlan is a destination for the curious traveler.

Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lake. Imagine an immense lake, sparkling in the sunlight, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes covered with blooming wildflowers.

It’s home to a primarily indigenous community. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the Mayans, it’s not that they disappeared — come to Lake Atitlan and you will be surrounded by them! And each town has its own signature style of clothing. It’s home to more than a dozen different towns. Tiny villages, big cities, Gringo heavens, indigenous villages. Each place is so different than the last and it’s worth exploring as many as possible.

The local Mayans women wear their colorful traditional clothing not to impress travelers, but for their own cultural reasons. Most couldn’t imagine wearing anything else.

The views are spectacular and the weather, possibly the best in the world.