Living the Full Experience

Living with a Guatemalan family is the best complement for your lessons. You will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish in real situations and enjoy the cultural exchange.
Host families are carefully selected and required to meet specific CSA standards. All are located within 5 to 15 minutes in walking distance. Accommodations available seven days a week with three meals a day (except on Sundays) at a very reasonable price. See our price list.

The Host Family Coordinator constantly evaluates the service provided by the family. If a student does not adapt well to a family, they can arrange to change to another family

All host families participating in our program are middle class, according to Guatemalan standards.

Their homes are usually located within a short walking distance from CSA. The families are carefully selected to insure that our students live in a safe, clean and friendly environment.

Home-Stay With a Guatemalan Family

When students live with a Guatemalan family, they benefit from sharing traditions while practicing Spanish in an environment filled with authentic Guatemalan culture.

Seven Nights of Lodging | Three meals per day, Monday through Saturday (no meals on Sunday)

USD $180 per person, per week – private room, shared bathroom
USD $220 per person, per week – private room, private bathroom

Please note:

  • Double rooms are available for students traveling together, with the cost remaining the same.
  • All home stay arrangements must be made through CSA. CSA host families are not permitted to make special arrangements directly with students, doing so may jeopardize their arrangements with our program.
  • If you wish to extend your home stay after your Spanish study is completed, you may do so at a daily rate of USD $21.43 with a shared bathroom or USD $25.00 for a private bathroom. (If you stay more than four days you will be charged for one week).

Other Places to Stay in Antigua Guatemala

If you are coming with your family , or are coming alone, and do not want to stay with one of our host families or in a local hotel, we can recommend apartments. We personally know several real estate offices that have a large variety of apartments in beautiful Antigua and they can help you. The good thing about a real estate agent is that you do not have to deal directly with the owner of the apartment, they do that for you, and that can save a lot of difficulty.

If you want to obtain information about these real estate offices in Antigua, please feel free to contact us at