Tia Etter

Gorhen, USA

I have loved learning at CSA. The program really meets you where you´re at and the teachers are all so patient and fun. I want to return to the school and continue my education here it’s so encouraging to see yourself getting better and able to communicate more easily. The school has really helped me realize that learning a language is possible! I can’t wait to come back. Also, I love my teacher, Claudia, so much. Give her a raise!

Kelly Williams

From California, USA

I had a very good and fun time at CSA. The family I stayed with was so welcoming and nice. I enjoyed my teacher and the class. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Abigail Alonso

From Grand Rapids, MI, USA

I loved my experience at CSA! My Host Family was very welcoming and very excited to help me learn Spanish. Having one-on-one lessons with my teacher helped me become more comfortable in conversation, and I was able to ask questions whenever I didn´t understand something. The learning was at my own pace which was very helpful! My teacher was very patient with me when I didn’t catch on to something right away. She kept encouraging me when I felt like a wasn’t progressing much. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CSA. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning the language.

Neil Zimmerman


My experience was great. The teachers were friendly and patient. It was great to try out different food every day. The nose level was high but copable.

Hugo Jeon

Corea del Sur

Me llamo Hugo, yo soy de Corea. Es la primera vez que yo estudio español después de muchos años, muy difícil para mí. Mi maestra es muy amable e inteligente, ella se llama Magaly. Ella me enseñó por cuatro meses. Me gusta la escuela. Fue difícil hacer tareas cada día pero era necesario para aprender más. Yo estoy feliz de estos cuatro meses aquí porque ahora yo voy a trabajar en la ciudad de Guatemala. Muchas gracias y hasta pronto.

Mark Bryson

Tenesse, USA

The school was a wonderful experience. The schedule, material, and teaching methods all work together for an excellent learning opportunity. Teresa, my teacher, led me from knowing no Spanish at all to being much more confident in a Spanish environment. The books are well done. I would only use CSA if I can find the time to continue my studies. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.

Hilary Ogro

Lafayette, California - USA

My experience at CSA was everything I expected and more! The one –on –one teaching was perfect for me and it allows you to progress at your own pace, which is so important. Being able to leave the school with my teacher to use Spanish in real life situations was also a very valuable experience. Having the books to learn from, as well as the speaking opportunities made the learning process much more effective. Overall my time at CSA was incredible and I would recommend it to everyone! Thank you!!!

Madelyn Pittman

Cincinnati, OH - USA

Living in Antigua and studying at the CHRISTIAN SPANISH ACADEMY was a great experience. The teacher was great and they were able to tailor a program that included legal vocabulary to compliment my education in the United States. I feel like when I return to the States, I will be able to better serve my Spanish speaking clients with their legal needs.

Victor Skaggs

La Libertad de Chicama - Perú

Having been adopted from a Spanish speaking country into an English speaking family, it has always been a desire of mine to learn Spanish once again. Attending the Christian Spanish Academy has enabled me to achieve this goal. The teachers and staff at CSA go beyond simply teaching and create a wonderful learning atmosphere. CSA has gone above and beyond all expectations. I have learned so much from this school, and would highly recommend it to others.

Galen Mills

Cody, Wyoming - USA

The teachers at CSA are excellent. Having a teacher one-on-one was an awesome experience, and I know my Spanish benefitted greatly. Also, the staff at CSA is very kind and polite. I am very grateful for my time at CSA.

Velma G. Crawford

Knoxville, TN - USA

CSA was a perfect school for me, meeting all my expectations. Learning Spanish is challenging but at CSA it was interesting and organized, so that the work was accomplished successfully. My teacher made learning fun, approaching it with many diverse methods. Everyone who works at the school is friendly and helpful. The family with whom I stayed made my visit complete with good meals and comfortable bed.

Jean M. McCleery

State of Nebraska - USA

My entire time at your school has been a great blessing, even better than I’d hoped for originally. From the day I arrived until my last day, I received the greatest support of everyone at C.S.A. as well as from the Guatemalan family of Mrs. Dora de Armas who took great care of me the entire time I was in Antigua.
Thank you to my wonderful teacher, Magaly Azurdia, for her knowledge and patience, to Vicky, another talented teacher who was my substitute teacher one day and to everyone else at the school. You are all consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. I plan to avail myself of the opportunity to continue my studies via your E-Learn program.

Robert Wilson

Mobile, Alabama - USA

My daughter and I spent 2 weeks at CSA. I am impressed with the facility and staff. I found the teaching challenging but very fruitful. I like the flow and progression of year materials. Your staff is very professional. I hope to do some study online and return in the future with more students. Juliet did a wonderful job teaching and I enjoyed a day with Elena.
Muy bien, gracias Bendiciones
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