Who is Christian Spanish Academy?

Our slogan, "The Five Stars Spanish School", defines us very well.
Christian Spanish Academy (CSA) is a professional institution devoted to teaching Spanish as a second language. Our program is one-on-one, with one teacher for each student. This method provides flexibility and enables us to provide you with a customized education. Our successful program style adapts to you, and your specific needs

Christian Spanish Academy

A little bit about our History...

You may be wondering about our name Christian Spanish Academy. Let us tell you a little bit about our history... CSA was originally created with the vision to help missionaries with their specific language needs and skills required to perform their job effectively. But in designing such a good program, people with a variety of backgrounds and professions began to come and we diversified.

The primary goal of CSA is to teach Spanish regardless of religious views. Right now, in addition to our Missionary Program and the General program, we have programs to meet many different needs. These programs are: Business, Flight Attendant, Civilization & Culture, Medical, Ecology, Veterinary, Children, Literature, University Programs and a Busy People Program (where we send the school to you).

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Our Teachers

We understand the importance of the teacher in the learning process. That is why they are trained extensively - not only in teaching Spanish as a second language, but also about each of our different programs and areas offered in the school. Even though our method of teaching does not require that our teachers speak another language, many of them have taken English classes and some of them speak English fluently.

All our teachers are native Spanish speakers, residing in Antigua and surrounding towns. Most of our teachers have been working at CSA for several years, so they have developed their own teaching techniques. CSA encourages students to change teachers from time to time for a more rewarding experience.